Welcome to the glorious month of March. It's the third month in our calendar year and in case you're curious, it gets it's name from Mars, the Roman god of war.

As far as months go, March is in the top 5 of my favorites. The big reason is March gives us Spring. Yep, that magical time of year when the weather starts to warm us up from any winter cold spells that might be hanging around. To be honest, winter in Texas is pretty mild (with freak exceptions like the recent snow storm), but March always gets me looking at my shorts collection. Do I still fit into my shorts from last year or did I "outgrow" them? I think it's time to buy some new shorts.

Anyway, there are some cool things happening in March and I thought we could go over a couple of them.

Let's start with Daylight Saving Time. We spring forward on March 14th, and although we lose that hour of sleep, the days will start feeling a little longer with the sun hanging around.

For sports fans like myself, The first March Madness in TWO YEARS gets started March 18th and runs through April 5th.  COVID-19 forced last year's tourney to be cancelled, but it looks like it's a go for this year. Since I'm a homer for college sports, I'm taking Baylor to win both the boys and girls tourney this year.

I'm not much for awards shows, but the Grammy Awards will be this month on March 14th. The Oscar nominees will be announced the following day.

Plus a couple of competition shows are back this month with "The Voice" returning tonight and "The Masked Singer" next Wednesday. The new "Godzilla vs. Kong" movie hits theaters and HBO Max March 31st, and Coming 2 America premieres on Amazon Prime this week.

Of course the holidays this month are St. Patrick's Day on the 17th, and Passover, which starts March 27th. Let's not forget the fake holidays we like to celebrate too. This Sunday is National Cereal Day, Ranch Dressing Day is on the 10th, National Napping Day on the 15th, (I can't wait to celebrate this one), Crunchy Taco Day is the 21st, and International Waffle Day falls on March 25th.

Pi day is also happening this month on 3.14. Get it? Pi Day? Lol, I won't bore you with the math but Pi Day also means Pizza Pie Day, or at least that's what I like to celebrate for Pi Day.

I was just thinking about what my favorite pizza places are here in central Texas. In Hewitt I love Rosati's. There's something about Chicago Pizza that just can't be beat. Might I suggest the pepperoni and black olive thin crust? So good.

Speaking of thin crust, I just recently rediscovered Pizza Hut's thin n crispy pepperoni pizza. It had been a while since I had one and BAM was it good.

Here in Temple Wings, Pizza n Things has some great pizza and so much more. TV's everywhere you look and some mighty fine ranch dressing as well. You can't go wrong with Wings, Pizza n Things.

Welp, Happy March everybody, I hope it's better than last year's!

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