With all the bars and clubs here in Killeen, Texas, we’ve all had those nights where we’ve partied way too hard and woken up the next morning with one sock on our foot, an eye lash in the middle of our forehead, and ready to meet the porcelain gods if anyone even mentions liquor. Hangovers are God’s special way of telling you "Hey, you did way too much last night".

One way to help deal with a hangover is to drink some water or even something with some electrolytes, but it's also good to get a little food in you. Here're some spots in Killeen that can really hit the spot after a night over drinking like a poet on payday.

Just For the Record...

I’m not saying that I’m an expert when it comes to relieving hangovers, but I do know my way around diffusing some of the pressure of it. You need something to not only settle your stomach, but give you a sense of relief.  Certain food spots in Killeen have been Godsend after a night of partying for me, and the fact that we don’t have a Waffle House that helps you sober up immediately is just blasphemy.
Have no fear though, Killeen. Here are my three best places to eat to take the pain away.

Pho 9 on West Veterans Memorial

My number one go-to of all time will forever be soup. Not just any soup, but a Vietnamese dish called pho.
Pho can be made with beef broth and other meats and proteins. The best thing about pho is that it’s one of those comfort foods that is extremely savory and rich, but still clean and refreshing at the same time.
I love mine with Sriracha, fish sauce, extra white onions, and hoisin sauce. If you mix all of those ingredients with basil and cilantro, trust me - in the next 20 minutes all you will need is a good nap and you’re ready to make bad decisions again.
My go-to spot to get this delicious soup is Pho 9, which is located at 921 West Veterans Memorial. Tell them you want the combination soup and you will not be disappointed or hungover anymore!
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Getty Images

Taqueria Mexico Restaurant on East Rancier

Speaking of delicious soups, another soup that has always brought me back from the dead is Menudo. This delicious dish is savory and it sticks to your ribs, so you’re full and satisfied.
Menudo is a Mexican soup made with cow stomach and red chilies. There are also limes and onions in the broth, and man oh man is it delicious.
If you’re in Killeen and you’re looking for great menudo, the Taqueria at 1103 East Rancier is where you need to be. I’ve seen people come in just to order the menudo there. At one point, I lived in the city of Houston and I came all the way back home for a bowl. This taqueria's menudo will have you crossing mountains and oceans for it. Trust me - it’s worth the trip!
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Getty Images

Barbecue Hub on North 8th Street

Last but not least, being from the South, barbecue and Soul Food are simply a must.
Barbecue Hub at 815 N. 8th St Suite 100 is what you need to soak up that brown liquor from the night before. The brisket combo with mac & cheese and cabbage hits the spot every time, and we can’t forget about the Kool-Aid! From what I hear, that combination is deadly.
Courtesy of BBQ HUB
Courtesy of BBQ HUB

Good Luck Out There, Killeen Drinkers

The next time you’re out partying in the city and wake up with regret on your face, just remember these three places could possibly save your life, or at least help you beat that hangover.
What's your favorite place to chow down after getting a little carried away? Tap our free app and let me know.

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