Somewhere up there, somebody must like us in Killeen, Texas because our prayers have been answered. Earlier this year in June, I wrote an article saying farewell to the iconic, homestyle favorite Hallmark Restaurant ,which specializes in comfort food that you can see right here.

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When it was announced that the Hallmark Restaurant was closing, Killeen residents were devastated by the news. Hallmark has been operating longer than I’ve been alive, and it is definitely a staple of the city's diet.

Hallmark is where people have been taking their families for wholesome dinners and celebrations for generations, and if you were a part of my family, it was a place that you went right after church.


Although there are other breakfast spots and diners in the Central Texas area, there was no one like Hallmark Restaurant and we were all not exactly sure what would be next.

After six months of the restaurant being closed, I can gleefully say that Hallmark is not only open, but the city of Killeen is happy to get back to that yummy food.

It is so important that Hallmark came back. They are the best of the best at what they do and a Killeen institution. Nothing really competes with nostalgic food and memories.

On behalf of all of Killeen, welcome back to Hallmark. You were truly missed!

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