Working at H-E-B has its perks, and the bonuses they give out are definitely one of them.


An H-E-B employee personally disclosed that the company announced that it will be giving out a $500 bonus to every single employee. Twitter has also been going wild with thank you's from H-E-B employees.

Earlier this year, H-E-B initiated the Texas Proud Pay program, which gave employees a temporary premium pay due to their diligent efforts in continuing to serve our community during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a period of time, H-E-B transitioned from the temporary Texas Proud Pay program to long-term, permanent merit increases for partners. As essential workers, things never stopped moving for H-E-B partners, and I'm sure they witnessed some crazy events since the pandemic began.

I mean, let's not forget about that toilet paper shortage. Those poor workers had to endure some tough times.

Congratulations! Y'all definitely earned it, and as the motto goes, "no store does more than my H-E-B."

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