Growing up in North Dakota, I knew a few things about dinosaurs. You see, a few years before man, the dinos ruled the planet. At that time the area now known as North Dakota looked a lot like Louisiana, except more swampy. The area is rich with dead dinosaurs. I believe their bones turned into oil and natural gas. No, it true. That's why when a group of dead dinosaurs gets together for a mixer, it's called Fracking. Google it.

Anyway. You don't have to go to North Dakota, or listen to me for that matter, to find out about the world of dinosaurs. You just have to travel to Bastrop, Texas.

There's fun for the whole family at the Dinosaur Park. From digging for fossils to riding dinosaurs, to even petting them. All around good time awaits.

Get on the walking trail and see statues of the former leaders of the planet. If you're lucky you might see the real creatures that they morphed into after the meteors killed them. That what they do you know. Meteors are murderers.


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