This week it's a big push on KISS FM for the Urban Music Festival in Austin, Texas.  The annual event brings some of the biggest artists in the world to the Central Texas area.  There are always lots of eats, drinks and party to go around.  This get together is not a concert so don't be miss led by the artists performing.  A concert is usually held on one night or day.  However, this event is not a concert....its' a festival!  This means that it goes on night after night, and concert after concert.  This years line up features some old school supergroups.  Headlining is, "Morris Day and The Time, SWV and Kool And The Gang."  Big lineup with big stars and also there will be several bands and singers from all over performing as well.  Get you free tickets this week on KISS FM.  The winning starts today at 2pm.  Ride with me on 103.1 KISS FM.