October is spooky season, and that means people across Texas are looking for a good haunted house. For some that means a roadside attraction, and for others that means staying in a house that's supposedly full of real ghosts. If you're into the latter, and you don't mind some R-rated content, this haunted house in Gainesville, Texas may be right up yo-...may be just what you're looking for.

That's because the owner of the home claims that the place is haunted by ghosts that talk dirty.

Wait, What?

Yes, you read that right - a house haunted by dirty-talking ghosts. Now we've heard it all.

In a interview with WFAA, Linda Hill even says people can't seem to stay in the house. She owns the home in question, and claims that the longest time someone stayed in the home was six months.

After the house proved to be a revolving door of tenants for ten years, someone finally came forward to claim the property was haunted.

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Linda, obviously skeptical of the claims, didn't believe it until one fateful day when she took a shower at the house.

The Paranormal Moment In Question

While Linda was in the shower, she says she saw a shadowy figure. She says the shadow being liked what it saw and said, "Looking good!". Linda at first believed it was her husband who made the comment in the bathroom, but denies it and says he walked into the room after she saw the specter.

Linda then believed the claims put forward by the tenant, and says people have even come forward with recordings of the ghosts talking dirty.

Linda eventually decided to stop renting out the home to regular tenants, instead choosing to let people stay in the house to investigate the strange occurrences.

Is This A House for Pervy Poltergeists?

This...almost seems too be good to be true, doesn't it? Would you stay in a haunted house full of dirty-talking ghosts? If you would, you have may have something called spectrophilia, which is defined as a sexual attraction to ghosts. Yes, this is a real thing. Some folks are just into boo goo, I guess.

Would you spend a night in this pervy poltergeist palace? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app.

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