KISS Listeners: I need your help!

I am from Chicago, born and raised.

So EVERYTHING you saw on TV I heard about for years.

To his visits outside Kenwood High School in Chicago, to his marriage to Aaliyah when she was 14 and he was 27.

I know countless females who "went to party out at R. Kelly's house in Olympia Fields" so these accusations are nothing new for me.

But.... we didn't care.

After the video came out and hit the streets and we saw this dude urinate on that young female girl we continued to groove to Ignition and Step in the Name of Love.

The guy is the definition of a pedophile that preys on young teenage girls.

But we still didn't care.

We still listened to his music, went to his concerts and supported his career.

Recently, Lifetime aired a six-episode Docu-Series entitled "Surviving R. Kelly" that showcases his behavior toward women he dealt with over the years including interviews from these women.

Every woman that was interviewed and told their story had the same story.

They were mesmerized by the fame and celebrity Robert was.

He played on that and was able to "brainwash" several women over the years to endure harassment and abuse.

But why do something about it now?

Why ban the man now after years of this occurring, after countless lawsuits being settled out of court and that video (we all saw it) why do something now??

None of these women filed police charges and were not held against their own will (if you saw the series some of the women got fed up and just left)

Those are some of the questions that cross my mind as we tackle this issue, other questions that cross my mind are WHERE WERE THE PARENTS of these teenage girls??

Why did they let this happen????

Why would you let your child continuously see this cat ESPECIALLY after what has been reported?

To be fair, R.Kelly has been found not guilty on every charge he has been accused of in a court of law so we are really going off word of mouth here, but we ALL know this sick sh--- is true.

Having said this, this leaves me with a difficult decision to make...

Should MYKISS1031 stop playing R. Kelly's music???

What do you think??

2015 Soul Train Music Awards - Preshow
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