Join in for some fun with virtual zumba.

While the world is slow and people are praticing social distancing now is the time to get healthy and fit.

Advent Health Central TX is hosting a FREE virtual zumba class and you're invited.

Have you ever done zumba before? If not, let me tell you it's definitely a work out. It's said that Zumba has a ton of great benefits. Check them out below.

1)  Zumba increases balance and flexibility. 

2) Zumba also improves coordination, as you have to follow the movements that your instructor makes throughout the class.

3) Zumba is great for burning calories and is the perfect cardio exercise.

4) Zumba helps improve your dancing skills.

5) Zumba helps rid stress.

My favorite thing about Zumba is you can do it anywhere, you don't need any material and it's perfect for all ages and body types.

Don't miss your chance to have some fun with a free zumba virtual class this Friday, July 3 at 5:30 pm on zoom.

Click this LINK to participate!




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