All you Amazon women and men, now you can get your fix in one day for free.

KWTX reported that Amazon is now offering free one day shipping for our area.

Of course, it's not completely free. It's only free if you're an Amazon Prime Member, which will cost you $99 dollars a year. But still, all you have to do is know someone who is a member and order through them. Sure, you might have to toss them a few bucks, but for one day shipping, it'll be worth it.

This is an improvement from the previous 2-day shipping. You might think that they won't be able to beat the one day window, but I have one word for you...DRONE. It's coming people, it's coming.(Yes, I know some folks have it, but until you can get it in BumFrick Idaho, then it's still a work in progress.)

If you want to confirm that your area is in the one day shipping area, you can log on to Amazon and use their zip code tool:

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