A former Waco Police Officer of almost 25 years has filed a federal lawsuit against the Waco Police department, City of Waco, and the former Chief of Police.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Stan Mason, 58, recently retired from the Waco Police Department after receiving backlash for his internet radio show called Behind the Blue Curtain.

The program takes a look at "relevant issues in police/community relations." In the first half of the show, a problem and possible solutions are identified. Mason leaves the second half of the program open for discussion with callers, special guests, and co-hosts.

BTBC works to "directly and candidly address today’s most controversial and challenging issues with an eye toward developing feasible and effective solutions." The show has gained a national following, but the response from the Waco Police Department led Mason to take an early retirement.

"He stayed within the perimeters so that he wouldn’t disparage his department because after all it was his department,” stated Mason's attorney, Michael Roberts.

Mason regularly made listeners aware that he did not speak on behalf of the city of Waco or its officers, but from his own perspective. Despite his attempt to remain fair on both sides, Mason felt targeted for his online advocacy on community issues.

According to Mason, he faced accusations of disparaging the Waco Police Department in his videos and of appearing in uniform while recording. Mason claims he was also denied backup during a domestic violence call as backlash over his program.

The City of Waco has not responded to the suit at this time.

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