I hope everyone in Texas enjoys the Thanksgiving weekend with plenty of family, amazing food, memories that will last forever, and let’s not forget the violence. In the words of my mother, "this is why we can’t have nice things" lol!

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After gobbling down delicious turkey and enjoying family and company, the real fun begins on Friday for Black Friday sales. Black Friday is probably the only time when you can get a rice cooker for $.39, sure you probably have a rice cooker already at home but I bet it’s not $.39. These amazing deals happen all over Texas, which makes people become very antsy and aggressive when it comes to shopping. This weekend my sister sent me a video where she was holiday shopping after Thanksgiving and a fight broke out between two gentlemen.


You would think that maybe someone could’ve possibly disrespected one or the other, or maybe the gentleman had exchanged words due to the fact that they were involved with the same woman, but no Texas, it was behind a flat screen. That is correct, a flat screen tv.


It was the last one in the store. My sister says the gentleman who did not have the TV,  asked the gentleman to buy the TV from him, and the gentleman holding the TV declined. Once the gentleman declined this is where all the maylay started. I’m almost certain they were more fights around Texas but this is a video that I was able to get a hold of. My suggestion in Texas is just to do what I do every black Friday, go straight to your Amazon app and shop online it’s a lot safer, but not as entertaining happy holidays Texas!


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