Are you ready to have your childhood or teenage years ruined?

Although originally released in 1982, Marcia Griffiths iconic song "Electric Boogie" also known as "The Electric Slide" has been a party starter for decades getting even the worst dancers to the floor to "boogie woogie woogie".

But a recent rumor hit the internet and it has everyone shook: The Electric Slide is a song about an "women's adult toy" or a "vibrator". "Boogie Woogie woogie" indeed.

I'll give you a minute to process this.

Okay, now that you've recovered let's do our research. According to the songwriter Neville Livingston also known as Bunny Wailer, heard about the rumor spreading on social media and he allegedly told a source that he's surprised it took people so long to figure it out.

Apparently Livingston wrote the song after a girlfriend told him she didn't need him because she had a toy she nicknamed the "electric slide" .-

So for all these years we've been unknowingly "sliding" to a song about an "adult device"? Right now I can see teachers and principals from all my years in attending school dances in SHOCK over this news. Yes, you let us dance to this... (boogie woogie woogie).

Now this story is still "unconfirmed" so for now we'll label this as FICTION but when you take a look at the LYRICS, it's gonna be pretty hard to deny that this could be a fact. Sing the song to yourself or Google the lyrics for yourself and let us know what you think!

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