Imagine using a dating app to find a compatible companion and it turning into the worst thing you and your children have ever experienced!


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Getty Images/iStockphoto

Any time using any app there will be a liability. You could use an app to purchase food, go grocery shopping, and date. In my opinion, what these apps have in common is nothing is necessarily guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. For most apps, you don’t have to see who delivers whatever essentials you have requested, but dating apps can be a little more tricky.

Dating apps of course consist of you meeting up with your potential person of interest and getting to know one another. Now of course you would hope that the intention of going on a dating app is that you find someone you have things in common with and see about building some type of relationship with that person.


Well if you are Epifanio Jimenez, that might not necessarily be your intention. Jimenez was accused of possibly sexually assaulting a child, which is absolutely disgusting.

Police say his method of finding victims is to go through dating apps. This is disturbing and dangerous to say the least. According to a police news release, Jimenez targets women with children through the dating app, then asks to spend time with their children.

That screams red flag in my opinion! If I started dating someone, you probably wouldn’t be able to meet my child until the first year of us getting to know one another just in case you are some type of weirdo.

When women viewed Jimenez's profile page on the dating site, he liked like a good-looking guy with an innocent face and also went by the alias Harley.

Thankfully he's now behind bars, but to make matters worse, it turns out he's married and that there could possibly be other victims out there.


Due to the fact that these disgusting allegations are presented as of right now, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is asking if anyone or their child has come in contact with Jimenez to please visit the sheriff's office or call them at 936-760-5803. This case is referred to as case number#22A067965. This is a serious situation so let's handle it accordingly. Please watch who you have around your children.


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