El Paso,Texas high schoolers were informed this week that they must retake the SATs. Why, you ask? Well, they flew off of a UPS truck and landed all over the street. Let me explain.

Flying High

El Paso High School seniors took their SATs on October 27. The next day, rumors started swirling around the school that their test answer sheets had been strewn all over the road, after flying out of a UPS truck that was transporting them. Can you imagine being one of those seniors?

An Unsolved Mystery

In a meeting on November 2, students were made aware by Pablo VIlla, the Director of Community Engagement, that "it was not yet clear exactly how the tests had ended up scattered on the street." UPS has owned up to this very "unique situation" and is currently conducting an investigation. They have also apologized to the school and to the students.

But Does That Help?

Students seeing the tests strewn all over Mesa Street that day, then days later hear rumors that SATs answer sheets were found in the street, it didn't take long for them to figure out that it was in fact their tests being referred to. The driver of the UPS truck has been addressed, they also released a statement saying, "the drivers actions in this case are not representative of UPS protocols and methods."

This Could Have Lasting Effects

According to El Paso ISD and the College Board, many senior students are now concerned with meeting the upcoming early admissions application deadlines. Even though 260 of the 315 tests were recovered, everyone still has to retake the test due to all of them being compromised. Retaking the test will put many behind the ball. One senior referred to it as an "added stressor."

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Class Of 2023

Here’s to hoping those seniors don’t miss a beat and their flying test incident doesn't hinder them from being able to get into the colleges of their choice and soar themselves. K-Lew out!

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