As I sit in my studio right now sipping on an ice cold Dr. Pepper, I'll do my best to remain "objective" with this article.

You know we have an "Official (insert something here) of Texas", for example, HEB is the "Official Grocery Store Of Texas", Chili is "The Official Food Of Texas" (I'm not kidding, the legislature made it so in 1977.) but we don't have an official "drink" of Texas.

Well Dr. Pepper is hoping to change that and they lobbying to become The Official Soft Drink Of Texas. Of course you know the history, the drink was created in Waco in 1885 and is the oldest major soft drink brand in the U.S. They are serious about wanting the title so launched an online petition on to lobby for spot.

But Texans have some minor disagreements on this. There are some who believe Big Red should be the Official Soft Drink Of Texas and their fans are going to war on their behalf. Just like Dr. Pepper, Big Red was also created in Waco (in 1937) and while I do enjoy a the drink as well, I think due to seniority, the Dr. should get the title.

But what do you think? Should Dr. Pepper be the Official Drink of Texas or should it be Big Red?

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