Just in case you forgot, the WINNING IS REAL Central Texas and we're happy to announce another $1000 winner of Steve Harvey's Kiss Cash!

Congratulations to Doreatha Ransby of Killeen! She listened for the passwords every day and entered them on our website and BOOYAH she's $1,000 richer.

I needed to hit this lick - Doretha Ransby

So now that you know that the winning is real, you need to get busy! You have a chance to win up to $5,000 3 times a day and all you have to do is listen to MyKiss1031 at 7:40 AM, 11:40 AM and 4:40 PM to get the passwords and upload them HERE for a chance to win Steve's money!

If you can't get in front of a computer right away, that's what the MyKiss1031 app is made for! You can upload your passwords through the app when you hear them for a chance to win! Remember the MORE PASSWORDS your correctly enter the BETTER your chances are to get to the cash!

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