I am so excited to announce that Don Curry is coming back to Killeen, Texas!

Curry has made a household name as Uncle Elroy in the hit movies Next Friday and Friday After Next, and let’s not forget that he was also the host of BET’s Comic View. This hilarious comic and actor will be at Stand Alone Comedy Lounge on April 22 and April 23, which is the official grand opening show.

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In case you haven't been yet, Stand Alone Comedy Lounge is located at 3701 S. WS Young Drive. The doors are going to open at 7 PM for the first show and 9:45 PM for the first show.

When I spoke with Mr. Don Curry, I asked him what we should expect when he comes down here, and he simply said, "Realness".

If you're familiar with his work, you know he's always authentic and truly himself on stage. Don Curry doesn't put on a front for anybody and is naturally funny.


We watched Don Curry in plenty of movies and he has been a household name for years, so the fact that he is coming down to Central Texas to Stand Alone Comedy Lounge is too cool.

It's actually not his first time taking the stage here. I saw him perform in Central Texas years ago, and I remember laughing so hard that I literally had to hold my stomach from the pain. This man is a legend, and I cannot wait to see him perform again.

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