As a plastics plant in North Texas burned Wednesday morning, some people here in Central Texas said they could see the smoke from the massive blaze.

I'd seen reports of the fire, but I hadn't noticed anything that seemed unusual when I took my dog for a walk this morning. It wasn't until I saw this Twitter post from the National Weather Service that I started asking around.

Some context: KTRK-TV reports that a fire broke out at Poly America in Grand Prairie around 1 AM Wednesday. It's believed that a tangle of high-tension power lines fell into the plastic plant, sparking the flames.


I've been watching a live stream on WFAA-TV's YouTube channel showing firefighters' efforts to stop the burning, including using bulldozers and foam. I can't even imagine the smell on top of the heat from such a massive fire.

I asked some friends and family around Central Texas if they'd seen anything today. Everyone south of Troy I asked said no, but family in Troy and Waco said they saw a dark cloud on the northern horizon. They'd hoped it might be rain, but sadly, nope.

It's scary to think of all the chemicals released into the air by this fire, and tragic to think of all the jobs that were probably just lost. Talk about the worst possible timing for something like this.

Did you see the smoke from the Grand Prairie fire? If you got any pictures or video, feel free to send them our way. We didn't see it.

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