It's been nearly a decade since the Denny's off I-35 in Temple closed its doors, and now a new Denny's is set to open along SW HK Dodgen Loop

According to a report from KXXV, Denny's, a favorite diner among many, is returning to Temple. The restaurant previously had a location on North General Bruce Drive, but was shut down in 2013 due to plans for I-35's expansion.

Photo by Aaron Savage, TSM

The new location at 1420 SW HK Dodgen Loop also features a drive-thru, something that hasn't been seen in this area before. (Have you been to a Denny's with a drive-thru?) You should be able to get your grub on in mid-October based on restaurant signage. Job listings are also available on Indeed. They're looking for an assistant manager, a cook, servers, hosts, and dishwashers.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

While many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open across the nation, Denny's is looking to hire approximately 10,000 employees before the year is over, according to a press release.

"With more and more of our restaurants reopening, Denny's is poised for growth," said John Miller, Chief Executive Officer at Denny's Corporation. "Guests are once again walking through our doors, and to meet this demand, support our franchisees and ensure the best dining experience possible, we and our franchisees will be hiring thousands of new Denny's employees across the nation."

John Cochran, General Manager for the new Temple location, has years of restaurant experience, and this will be his 10th Denny's location to open. If you're interested in joining the Denny's family, visit to explore employment opportunities nationwide.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Having recently moved from Waco to Temple, I'm surprised at the number of locations each restaurant has in the area. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another Denny's location pop up soon. Are you excited to see the restaurant return to the area?

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