The prayers have finally been answered in Killeen Texas. I remember writing an article 2 years ago when I asked the city of Killeen what was missing to make the city a lot better and over 100 people said Dave & Buster’s. Dave & Buster’s was founded in 1982 in Dallas Texas.

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This establishment is an American restaurant and entertainment business with a full-service restaurant, full bar, and a video arcade room. Since 2023 the company has had 156 locations in the United States, two in Puerto Rico, and two in Canada and now they’re bringing it to, the city of Killeen. The Dave & Buster’s will be located at 5200 Martin Luther King Blvd. and the project construction is projected to be concluded by May 2025.


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This is something that we really need here in Killeen, Texas and the fact that this particular building will be at least 20,000 ft.², just goes to show that it’s going to be large enough for all of Central Texas to enjoy. This is perfect for the residents in Central, Texas that are tired of making the trip to Austin just to have a little fun. I love to see that the city continues to grow with new establishments and great people in the community. I cannot wait until David Buster’s debut, see you in May 2025 in Killeen, Texas!

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