After a sad football season, the Dallas Cowboys are back in the spotlight after some shady locker room shenanigans by a former team executive have been exposed.

Realizing someone may have not only watched you undress, but took pictures while your clothes were off, is a disturbing thought. Voyeurism is also illegal, as it is considered a sex crime.

According to documents gathered by ESPN, the Dallas Cowboys paid a confidential settlement of $2.4 million to four members of their cheerleading squad after they said a senior team executive filmed them in the AT&T Stadium locker rooms.

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When Were The Cheerleaders Watched?

One of the women alleges that she saw Richard Dalrymple, the Cowboys’ longtime senior vice president for public relations and communications, covertly filming the cheerleaders with his iPhone while they undressed after an event in 2015.

After using his security keycard to enter the locker room at AT&T Stadium, Dalrymple says he was unaware the cheerleaders were present. Dalrymple told team officials he entered the locker room, but left right away after he realized they were in there.

ESPN reports that his account was contradicted by the way multiple sources described the alleged incident.

Although he did not respond to interview requests by ESPN, Dalrymple issued a statement calling both allegations false.

Who is Richard Dalrymple?

Richard Dalrymple was the Cowboys’ longtime senior vice president for public relations and communications, spending 32 years as Jerry Jones' chief spokesman.

He worked for the Cowboys until February 2nd, retiring just a few weeks before ESPN started their investigation.

ESPN reports that Dalrymple was issued a formal written warning in October 2015, although the team has not revealed what the warning was about.

Response From Cheerleaders

The four cheerleaders involved in the settlement either declined to comment to ESPN, or did not respond to interview requests.

However, one former cheerleader not involved in the case said the alleged incident was known about at the time.

ESPN reports that the terms of the settlement included a nondisclosure agreement, and each of the women involved received $399,523.27 after the incident.

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