Show me the money!

Dak Prescott is about to be one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL.  Rumor has it the the Dallas Cowboys have offered their franchise QB a contract that would pay him $33 million a year with $104 million guaranteed back in September.

Dak turned that down. That's a lot of money for a quarterback that finished at number 10 in passing for quarterbacks last year. So now it looks like the Cowboys have increased their offer.

The Cowboys plan to place the exclusive franchise tag on Dak if they can't get the deal worked out by the start of free agency, which begins on Thursday, March 12.

My guess is they'll get the deal done. Dallas may be the only place that would offer Dak that kind of money. I say he takes it and we all live happily ever after, or at least 'til the Cowboys miss the playoffs in 2020.

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