Get ready Killeen, Texas, because summertime is right around the corner and a chilled, tasty daiquiri is always a great way to cope with the Texas heat.

Daiquiri Fusion and Boozy Beans will have a brand new location right here in Killeen. It's a sweet treat that I’m excited about, but as I browse through their menu I can already tell it's going to be tough to make up my mind when I order.

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Courtesy of Tiffany Prelow
Courtesy of Tiffany Prelow

If you’re not into alcoholic beverages, you can always have a nonalcoholic daiquiri as well. They sell some of the most delicious beverages I’ve had, but get this: they also have infused ice cream! You can even order a few rounds of their world famous Jell-O shots if you're partying. I wasn't really a fan of Jell-O shots until I tried the ones ast Daiquiri Fusion and Boozy Beans Jell-O. They're absolutely delicious.

Towering pile of various flavors of gelatin shots at a party
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Although there are some good daiquiri shops around the city of Killeen already, this particular one is located at 3700 S. WS Young Dr., Suite 101. There has not been an  official opening date anounced yet, but stay tuned. Hopefully we will get this daiquiri shop up and running before the summer.

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