One thing you can guarantee that you’re going to find in Texas is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Win or lose, we stay loyal (even if we yell at the TV when it's more lose than win). The Dallas Cowboys might be America’s team, but they belong to the Lone Star State, and we're about to celebrate a new season of Cowboys football right here in Harker Heights, Texas.

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CarolynBrown/ Canva
CarolynBrown/ Canva



So why not celebrate the Dallas Cowboys the best way Texans do - all together as a group?

Carolyn Brown,  owner and operator of the Harker Heights Event Center at 710 Edwards Dr., has come up with a great idea for the city. She's inviting all the Dallas Cowboy fans an opportunity to celebrate their first real game this year and enjoy some great American football with the whole community.


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This Sunday, September 11, Carolyn will be hosting a Dallas Cowboys Game Day event at the E-Center. Starting at 2PM, you and your family, friends, and neighbors can watch the 'Boys go up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The E-Center will have a full screen large enough for a stadium to see, a full bar with drink specials, and even great foot from local professional chef That Girl Netia. It's $5 to get in, which isn't a bad cover for a big game screening of this calibur.

This event is perfect for sports fans to come out and enjoy themselves, and you can even meet me as I host the event from 2-5PM!

So grab your jersey, put on the blue and silver, and get to the Harker Heights Event Center on September 11 for an epic season opener.

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