This is one for the history books. A man got stuck in an ATM in Corpus Christi.

According to KXXV, the man was a contractor who came to fix a door lock. He ended up getting locked in instead. (You should really question his ability when he fixes locks, but yet gets locked in.) He left his cell phone in his truck, so he couldn't call anyone for help.

So what do you do when you can't call out? It's a question that people over a certain age could answer, but for those youngsters who've lived their whole lives attached to a cell phone, here's what you do. You write notes on paper. Paper. Google it. Then you slip those notes to customers coming to the ATM for cash.

One note did get through and the police were called. According to Fox News, the man was trapped in the machine for about two hours.

Now, with the digital age in full effect, this man's embarrassing moment can be see all around the globe. Yeah!

Fox News, YouTube
Fox News, YouTube

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