A man in Boling, Texas thinks his sidewalk may be trying to tell him something. Recently, Catarino Mata lost one of his good friends and while he was trying to figure out how to deal with it, Jesus appeared to him. He appeared...on the concrete.


According to KCTV 5, another of Mato's friends saw the image first "and he said 'Jesus is here.' And I said, I know he's here, he's with all of us. And he said, 'no, he's here.' And I said, what? He said, 'he's right here on your porch.' So, there he is. It took one or two looks, but it was… clear as day,"

What do you think? Do you see Jesus? Do you see a dirty porch? Do you see something else?

I've looked and looked but all I see is a side profile of Mr. T.