If you missed the Steve Harvey Morning Show today, here is the show without any music or commercials:

Steve asks a woman who has headboard concerns to have a little compassion.

Coming 2 America is out on Amazon Prime and let's just say the prince put some purple on it for our country. Big fun!

Shaq gets caught sleeping by his co-workers and it leads to the more than famous story of Steve falling asleep in Vegas.

Fool #2 has X on the phone and they discuss the events at the capitol when it all went down.

Our resident poet wrote another poem.

Comedy Roulette covers the songs that we always sing wrong.

The Duke of Ottingham is anticipating the upcoming Prince Harry/Meghan Markle interview with Oprah.

Today in Closing Remarks, Steve leaves us with a powerful acronym. P.U.S.H. Have a great weekend!!!


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