I always say I love on a plan comes together, even more, when it community comes together, and that’s exactly what happened with the  Hangover Bar and Grill and little tykes Daycare. These two companies from November 7 until December 16  will be excepting toy donations for all ages to donate to children in the community. If you would like to donate new and unwrapped gifts, you may do so by placing them in the donation box at the front of the office at Hangover Bar and Grill.

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This is amazing due to the fact that there are children out there who have missed Christmas each year in our community, and for these two companies to want to come together to make sure that that stops happening I love to see it, it absolutely makes my heart so warm!


Courtesy of Tonya Williams
Courtesy of Tonya Williams


A big thanks and a big shout out go to the owners of both establishments for this event, make sure to bring out your gifts for the less fortunate that way they can have an amazing Christmas as well. I don’t think a lot of people understand how much this means to certain people, especially now a lot of people during the pandemic have lost their jobs or they can barely make ends meet. Christmas is at the bottom of their list when it comes to priorities which makes all the sense in the world, someone who has a child and that baby cannot truly understand why they can’t receive gifts really breaks my heart. So again we’d really like to thank Texas Tykes Daycare and the  Hangover Bar and Grill for hosting this 2021 Toy drive it means so much to  Central Texas!

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