I find the caliber of entertainers the Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen has brought to town over the past few years. Not only is it impressive, but it’s such a beautiful stress reliever after a long week. Some of us put in well over 40 hours, and all we want to do is just relax and have a good time and smile here and there.

Why not get a good laugh in as well? I am so excited that Darren Fleet is coming to Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge on October 30.

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I am certain he is going to have our stomachs hurting from all the belly laughts. Now, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Darren Fleet. He does a lot of Facebook-type skits which are extremely hilarious, and has worked hard to build up his reputation as a funny man. If you get the chance this weekend, I suggest Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge will be the place you want to be. Doors are going to open at 6:30 and 7:30 PM and you can get your tickets at twiceasfunnycomedylounge.seatengine.com.



Courtesy of Twice as funny comedy lounge


I can’t stress enough how this young man will put on such a good show. I’m so confident and sure of it. The real question is, will you be there to give your opinion as well?

Let’s get our funny bone tickle this weekend. Meet me at the Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge!

Just so you know, Darren is not just a standup comedian. If I’m being honest with you, the man is low-key a genius. Darren is an amazing actor, a wordsmith, a brand ambassador, an entrepreneur, and probably one of the best writers out there.

A lot of preparation goes into skits, and he makes sure that he crosses all his I's and dots all his T's to make sure that he gives us pure entertainment!

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