You may think you've worn out Netflix from front to back during the pandemic, but you've barely made a dent.

If you can't find the show you're looking for and need more choices, well, here you go.

Jacob Stolworthy, a writer for The Independent, found a list of codes that, when added to the end of this URL - - will take you straight to specific genres like Action & Adventure, Documentaries, Cult Classics, Foreign Films, and even Independent Films.

Example: takes you straight to the Comic Book and Superhero Movies genre.

Stolworthy shared a long list of codes in his article, all of which he grabbed from an even larger list (if you can believe it) at

By the way, the list at allows you to click straight through to the genre page of your choice without having to add a code to the end of the URL mentioned above.

If you have the Netflix app on your phone, adding a code to the URL in your mobile browser or clicking through from should open the genre page you want in the app. (We tested this on an Android phone. Your experience might be different.) However, we know they work fine on Netflix's desktop site.

So change into your pajamas, grab a bag of chips and a six pack of your favorite adult beverage, and cuddle up on the couch for hours of uninterrupted streaming. Let the fun begin!

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