The CARES ACT has another rollout here in Killeen to provide some much-needed relief to those affected by COVID-19.

Via press release, the City Of Killeen announced Wednesday that mortgage and rental assistance is available for residents who have been affected by COVID-19, on a first come first serve basis, as funding is limited.

According to the release, there are maximum income levels based on household size and individual needs that will be taken into consideration for approval.

The maximum amount of assistance that can be offered is $4,000 or 6 months of rent or mortgage.

There are quite a few boxes to check off to be eligible for assistance.

For starters, to apply you have to be a Killeen resident and have had to experience a negative financial impact on the household due to the Coronavirus.

Other eligibility requirements include non-delinquent payments on rent or mortgage before March 1st of last year, providing income information from all household members, and a list of other requirements that can be found here.

There will also be reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.

If you are a Section 8 recipient or have received rental assistance from the city of Killeen before, you are ineligible.

If you and your family want to apply for assistance, follow this link.


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