Turns out there are limits.

Click 2 Houston is reporting that the Houston City Council approved changes to a city ordinance aimed at stopping the nations first sexbot brothel opening in their town.

They put a stop to the brothel by banning the "try it before you buy it" aspect. In essence, it's now illegal to have sex with a robot in a business in Houston.

The question now is..."Does that include Fleshlights?"

Lord knows there's a community out there that likes to slip it in at the Victoria Secret dressing room.(Allegedly)

The city of Houston is known to have had lax regulations regarding the sex robot business. This why the owner of KinkySdolls picked Houston, you know, instead off, dare we say, Las Vegas!

If you had your heart-on primed to experience a robot sex slave, good news. There is a brothel open in Toronto. Canadians really are a friendly bunch.

It must be tough to be on a city council. Trying to keep on all the kinky ways humans get off, and making sure there's legislation on the books to stop it from happening in your town. Man have things changed. Back in the day it was "color" related. Now days it's machine related. But what about Related related? Wild hormones and family reunions can make things difficult. Remember kids, don't let the word "first" confuse you. Your "first" time should not be with your first cousin.


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