Now the Grinch punch recipe that I wrote the article on is definitely a crowd pleaser when it comes to holiday drinks, but, I could not forget about my all time favorite holiday drink this originates in Puerto Rico and it’s known as Coquito. If I had to summarize this delicious beverage for someone who has never try this amazing cocktail, I would call it the Puerto Rican version of eggnog without eggs and it is so delicious!

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Coquito drink is not something to take lightly, this beverage is extremely strong but smooth at the same time. Coquito is one of those drinks that you can continue to drink and drink because it taste so good, and then you’ll find yourself passed out and waking up the next morning ,I know this by experience trust me this drink should not be underestimated.

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Coquito  which translates into "little coconut" in English, is most definitely a crowd pleaser this is what you need to make this amazing drink. For starters we will need rum I prefer Captain Morgan’s when making this particular drink, because it is a spice rub it has more of a kick to it in my opinion. The next thing you would need is cream of coconut sweetened understand that it is different from coconut cream which is a solid coconut .

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A lot of my friends who make this beverage use Coco Lopez, now because this is an extra creamy drink, you’re going to need sweeten condensed milk that’s what makes the drink extra creamy. You will also need evaporated milk and my favorite part is adding the spices which is cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla which gives you that Christmas feeling. You can drink this chilled which is the way I prefer it, or hot, but either way This drink is a crowd pleaser for sure! Cheers to you central Texas and happy holidays!

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