KWTX's Megan Vanselow reported that an elderly local resident may be the victim of a scam that could cost him over $10,000.

The man reported the scam to authorities on April 14th. The elderly man is a resident of Temple, and the authorities of Temple are seeking help finding the suspect responsible of the scam.

The elderly man said that a man approached him that he didn't know, and told the elderly man he received a large sum of money through inheritance and wanted to give him some of it.

The unknown man told the elderly man he wanted to give him $40,000 of the inheritance, but he needed $10,000 first to be able to give him the $40,000.

The elderly man withdrew $10,000, and gave it to the man to ensure he got the $40,000. The scammer took the money, and left the scene. Investigators are asking for anyone with information regarding this matter, to call the Temple Police Department at (254) 298-5500.


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