Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen has done it again. I’m really excited to announce that Charleston White will be blessing the stage on September 15 and 16th. Charleston White, a Texas native really made his impact on the social media world three years back and has been giving entertainment and controversy a run for it's  money.

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Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge, Canva
Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge, Canva

The comedian, YouTuber, influencer, and also entrepreneur, has been seen in plenty of videos, giving his opinion on some of the most controversial incidents in hip-hop culture. This rambunctious outspoken gentleman is coming to Killeen, Texas to give us the funny and, I cannot wait to see this man in action.


Charleston White's story really is inspirational even if you do find his method of speaking out or give me his opinion somewhat aggressive. Charleston White went to prison at a very young age, and during those trials and tribulations, he learns over time being just another lost hope or statistic was not an option for him and his new life. Charleston White now speaks life into the community and brings joy to a lot of people all around the world. Come see this amazing superstar bless the stage again on September 15 and 16th at 420 East Ave. C at the Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge. Let’s get ready to get our laugh on Central Texas!

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