We all have been eating with somebody when a phone call interrupts the meal. What do you do in a moment like that? Do you step away from the table? Do you just let it ring, or is it too important to let go to voicemail? It's a question that plagues a lot of people, including myself, but one restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas is making the decision easy for visitors. They'll just straight-up yank away your phone.

Enter Catarina's in Fort Worth

The restaurant has a simple rule: no cellphone usage allowed. According to NBCDFW, guests have to lock their cellular devices in a bag when they first enter. And the phone won't be released to them until they leave the establishment.

And for those thinking they can get away by sneaking a quick peek...

The staff will looking around to make sure you aren't using one.

The owner of Catarina's, Tim Love, simply stated the reason for the rule to NBCDFW: "We wanted to make something that was special.”

He also said that if your caught with your phone, "We're going to kindly ask them to put their phone in the bag, we've already had that happen. Some people forget. They just have their phone in their pocket. We give them the bag. They put their phone in the bag. It's not a big deal."

Yes, there is even a dress code for those wishing to dine at the restaurant.

Could you dine in a establishment like this?

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