A Detroit bus driver, who complained and warned that people take the novel coronavirus seriously in a Facebook video post has died.

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Jason Hargrove's video is now viral on social media. Hargrove originally posted the video nearly two weeks ago on March 21, and fell ill 4 days later. He died Wednesday, said Glenn Tolbert, the head of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26.

Hargrove, 50, posted a profanity-laced video complaining about a female passenger whom he said had repeatedly coughed while on his bus without covering her mouth.

“For you to get on the bus ... and cough several times without covering up your mouth and you know (we're) in the middle of a pandemic — that lets me know that some folks don't care,” Hargrove said.

According to USA Today, last month, bus drivers shut down public transportation by calling in sick because they were terrified of this very scenario.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said “everybody in America” should watch Hargrove's video.

“He was infected before we closed the front doors” on buses, Duggan said. “Some of his language is graphic, but I don’t know how you can watch it and not tear up. He knew his life was being put in jeopardy ... by someone who didn't take this seriously and now he's gone."

You can watch Hargrove's video below. Warning the video does contain graphic language.


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