The school shooting that was carried out in Uvalde, Texas was absolutely disgusting and devastating, and words cannot even capture the tragedy that befell the parents who lost children that day. Nothing positive ever comes from these acts of hatred and terror, but there are people and organizations that step up to help in the wake of these events. Bubba's 33 in Killeen, Texas is one of them.

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I’m not exactly sure what I would do if I was put in that position. As a nation all we can do is pray for better days and less acts of hatred and violence, especially those that take the lives of innocent babies who have nothing to do with the chaos in the world.

Bubba‘s 33 in Killeen wanted to help in any way they could, so on Wednesday they donated 100% of the proceeds from their sales to the Uvalde victims relief fund created by University Health.

They had planned to use this entire week to donate to veteran causes, and they still will, but obviously this vicious attack on innocent children took precedence.


Courtesy of Bubbas
Courtesy of Bubbas


This is what it means to come together and make sure that the human race takes care of one another. What happened to those babies, should’ve never happened in any conceivable circumstance. Unfortunately, all we can do now is support and help the mourning process with the victim's family members.

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