You have to give credit when credit is due, and the counselors at Fowler Elementary in Killeen, Texas -  Susan King, and Kathy Phillips - most definitely deserve plenty of credit along with the amazing Fowler students.

For the holiday season, this school decided to do a canned food run for the less fortunate, which of course is absolutely amazing. What really makes the story even more wonderful is that the school raised so many cans that they look like an actual mountain when stacked.

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If you want to sum it up in one word: " wow".

This is what it’s all about - educators not only setting the example but teaching our babies to be kind to each other and to help the less fortunate.

I hope the students and staff at Fowler really understand the huge impact their efforts will have for people in our community who are struggling right now.

My mother used to always tell me when I was around my younger siblings, "Watch what you do, because your siblings will mimic it. You can affect the good or the bad decisions that each one of them makes".

This is a perfect example of why we have to make sure we watch what we do and watch what we say the students mimic counselors and staff with hearts of gold. This was the outcome!

My hat's off to you, Fowler elementary. Thank you for taking care of the community with the total of 14,349 items.

By the way, we spoke with KISD spokesperson Tiana Maya, who said that 11 KISD schools participated and ultimately raised 22,896 items overall.

Guys, this is so beautiful. Kudos to these kids and their charitable spirit.

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