The latest craze in internet tomfoolery is the "Bottle Cap Challenge". Basically, celebrities and regular folks are coming up with the most creative ways they can find to twist off the cap to a bottle.

From folks doing karate kicks to other folks throwing objects at bottles to get the caps undone, its the latest in a long line of social media attempts at fame that everyone jumps in on (i.e. "Ice Water Challenge").

Of course lots of celebrities are getting in on the action in attempts to remain relevant on social media in some pretty creative ways. One of the big stars getting in on it was Mariah Carey who posted her "Bottle Cap Challenge" to Instagram using her weapon of choice: Her voice.

That was pretty neat, but we all know that when it comes to a "challenge", to quote Chaka Khan "ain't nobody does it better" than Melz On The MIC. When there's a challenge, I never fail to rise to the occasion!

So who do you think did it better: Mariah or Melz? Feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

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