Boobies, boobies , boobies. Now that I have your attention let’s talk about breast cancer awareness month. All month long we celebrated strong women who endured certain painful challenges that not only did they overcome, but completely executed the idea of never giving up. The Rivers of Living Water Women with Positive Images are sponsoring a 5K celebration of the walk of life in honor of breast cancer awareness.

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I find this to be absolutely amazing this is going to Take place  Saturday which is October 30. The date-time will be 9 AM to 11 AM and if you’re wanting to come out and celebrate these brave beautiful women and family members who witnessed some of their family members go through breast cancer it will be located at Lions Park 1700 E. Stan Schlueter.




woman with breast cancer head covering


To register for the run registration is $25 which includes a T-shirt and a ticket for the celebration dinner of life that’s going to be hail from 4 to 6 on the same day. these women are absolutely phenomenal if you have ever dealt with anybody in your family who has come in counter with any type of cancer my heart definitely goes out to you it can be stressful and just truly exhausting for not only the person going through actual cancer but for the family member itself but we always have to remember that we are going to fight the good fight and keep God close you get a chance to come out and support the run don’t forget this is for an amazing cause not just boobies before the community!


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