The city of Harker Heights sent out a notice that residents' and company's water may be off due to repairs to the city's water main. If you live in the area of 3091 Cathy Road through 3509 Cathy Road, these will be the areas that are affected by this water shutdown, unfortunately.

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I know enduring a water shut-off can be very inconvenient, however shutting the water off in these particular areas ensures the direction of all harmful bacteria and drinking water, cooking, and for even making ice. If you want or if the only form of water source is in your household, you are suggested to boil the water to keep you and your family safe. The city of Harker Heights says this information needs to be shared with other people who drink this water, especially those who may receive the notice directly. The city of Harker Heights says once the boil water notice is no longer in effect the water system officials issue a notice to customers to boil water in a manner similar to this notice.


If there are any questions that you feel that need to be answered feel free to contact the public works department at 254-953-5649. It is very important that you take this notice seriously that way you can avoid any harm toward you or your family. Stay safe out there Harker Heights!


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