Harker Heights, Texas I am so excited to announce that the water boil notice that had recently been in effect is finally being lifted. The City of Harker Heights has given the all-clear to water service in the 600 block of Indian Trail, which means normal water usage can resume and all services have been restored following a clean water quality test.

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It is now safe to drink the water without having to boil it, which I know could be very annoying. This notice makes me very ecstatic due to the fact that I do live in this area and I know that a lot of us have been wondering exactly when the notice was going to be lifted. A lot of times closing we’re not exactly sure why the notice is placed especially in the last year, I’ve noticed a lot of times there’s been a lot of times that Harker Heights Texas has been told to make sure that their water is on a boiling notice I’m not exactly sure why but we definitely need to get that taken care of.

The public water system says that they have taken the necessary correction of actions to restore quality water and have even gone as far as making sure they have done laboratory tests that show that we no longer need boiling water if you have any questions in the matter please do not hesitate to contact the public works department at 254-953-5649.

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