The city of Killeen has issued a boiling water notice that will begin on January 31. The residents that are in that area should boil water before consumption until sampling results confirm that there’s no contamination occurring in the water.

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The public notice for the city of Killeen is issued through the website and the boiling notice hotline at 254-501-6515 and that is when the notice will be lifted. 1502 Massey St, 1402 through 1401 Elkins Ave., 1807, 2013 Elkins Ave., and 1802 Duncan Ave. have experienced leaky insulation valves and the water crew will need to isolate the main water valve.

There will be water crews on site until all of the repairs have been made, and restored, once that happens, a water quality sample will be taken the following morning with the results being available 24 to 48 hours. For more information, you will need to contact the city of Killeen.

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