As the kids say in Killeen, Texas, "we had a time last night"! The Blu Print is the newest club in Central Texas located at 4505 Veterans Memorial in Killeen. If you were to bet your money that Blu Print the club/lounge was not going to be a hit trust me you’re broke now! Blu Print is the hottest club/lounge now in Central Texas.

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I honestly don’t feel like that’s an opinion, I’m just stating the facts. The minute it had its grand opening on Saturday, February, it was already at capacity by 12:45! The cars were parked across the street just to get into this club/lounge.

I’m truly excited about club Blu Print because it's a fresh new place for the whole city to come back outside and truly enjoy itself.

For a very long time we didn’t have that option, granted we have amazing bars all through Central Texas but an actual club and lounge that serves five-star meals, and includes five-star services was hard to find in Central Texas. You usually have to go as far out as Austin, Houston, or even Dallas if you want that type of treatment.


Congratulations Blu Print for not only all of your success with your promotion team and staff, but on bringing the city back out to enjoy themselves. I can only imagine how fun the summer is going to be!

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