In light of continued national protests seeking justice and equality for African Americans, today is being characterized as a nationwide call to action through an "economic protest" of sorts with Blackout Day 2020.

According to KENS, Blackout Day 2020 is an initiative that calls for Black Americans to only spend their money at Black-owned businesses. The idea came from Calvin Martyr, an activist from here in Texas who was recently interviewed by Phyllis Jones on Kiss Community Connections a few weeks back.

The idea caught on like wildfire across social media with thousands pledging their support.

According to the report, Nielsen reported that in 2018, Black consumers had an annual buying power of $1.3 trillion. Divide that by 365 and the buying power of black consumers for one day comes out to $3.5 billion. Imagine if more those billions stayed in our community!

You can check out more details on Blackout Day by checking out Mr. Martyr's interview on Kiss Community Connections by clicking the link below.


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