Let's take it back to 1988 and the undisputed leaders of the "New Jack Swing" era was "Guy" with super-producer Teddy Riley and brothers Damion and Aaron Hall. Their self-titled debut album "Guy" was released on this day (June 13th) in 1988 and its an R&B classic selling over 2 million copies in '88 and '89 featuring a few of the jams we're going to take a look at here!

  • 1

    Round And Round (Merry Go Round Of Love)

    The first single from the album "Round And Round" was a dance jam but didn't do well on the charts and was quickly forgotten about.

  • 2

    Groove Me

    If you had one song to describe the "New Jack Swing" sound this would be a unanimous choice. "Groove Me" was the perfect fusion of hip-hop, dance and soul.

  • 3

    "Teddy's Jam"

    "Teddy's Jam" build off the momentum of "Groove Me" and had clubs and parties dancing for HOURS.

  • 4

    "I Like"

    "I Like" is one of those jams that you can dance or just sing along and vibe to. The 4th single from their debut was also a big hit and helped them become R&B legends and the undisputed kings of new jack swing.

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