Wow, where did the month of February go?

We had a tough month with the winter storm, and I know we wish the past month didn't happen, for that matter, the whole year of 2020, but I want to motivate you this Monday.

I stayed in south Austin for a while, and my wife (my girlfriend at the time) and I were looking for a church that we could attend in the area. A friend of mine told me about a church called "Life Austin Church". We went and fell in love with the campus. Everyone there was personable and made us feel at home. We would later get married at the chapel there.

We recently became members of the Church, and we are excited about it. Our pastor, Randy Phillips, does a series during the church services based on particular themes. Our latest series is "Give Love". In the second part of the series, Pastor Randy talked about different types of love.

I couldn't do justice to his entire eloquent sermon (you can actually watch it here if you'd like), but I've been touched by the overall message of the series, which is simply to give love. Because in the end, that's what love ultimately is - a gift you give, just as it's been given to you.

This past Sunday was a busy day. Not only did we attend church, but we also attended a wedding that evening. A good friend of mine in the music industry tied the knot.

My wife and I like to go to weddings to see two individuals coming together in a blessed union. It reminds us why we decided to become one. This the second wedding we have been to since the pandemic, and both weddings had to be postponed. In the end, love conquered all.

My motivation for you is to forgive and love. I encourage you to spread the love today and henceforth. Especially the ones who are close to you - show them and tell them you love them at every opportunity, and never let those opportunities slip away.

Give love!

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