Don’t get me wrong - anybody who has met me or knows me, knows I love living in the great state of Texas. There's just one thing that really bothers me about this place, and that is (ACHOO!) the allergens. They're especially crazy this time of year thanks to our friend, mountain cedar pollen.

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I don’t know what it is about allergies in Texas but they will full-on kick you butt. The scratchy eyes, the stuffy nose, the itchy throats, and the constant sneezing that comes with the allergy season is just too much to bear sometime.

I think it’s important that everybody keeps in mind that the cedar in Texas is always aggressive from December until March. So please do not forget to stack up on your Benadryl, Alegra, and nasal sprays. (Flonase in particular is a life-saver.)

This year has been a real challenge when it comes to the effects of the allergy season. I know for a fact that I have sneezed more than what was needed this year and I am over it.

I found this article from the San Antonio Express News that reports mountain cedar allergies are actually worsening, if you can believe it. They also shared some tips on how to make it less of a struggle.


The reason why I’m writing this article is that I’ve had family move to Texas recently and their allergies have been worse than they have ever experienced before. One of my cousins didn’t even know that she had allergies until moving to Texas. Everything is definitely bigger in Texas, including the allergy season, so make sure you protect yourself this allergy season in Central Texas and be prepared.


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